Tuesday 3 November 2015

Mixed media canvas with an easy background technique.

Hello everyone!
 Today I have a new mixed media canvas to share .
I also have a pictorial tutorial for this so sit back and enjoy!

Here is the canvas

This canvas is all about NATURE

I am always inspired by all the greenery all around me.  Inspiration from nature is one of the most evident part of all my creations. I love to include greens in most of my creations. With this canvas i wanted to use just these two colours- GREEN and BROWN. I love how this came out. Really earthy and beautiful!

Some more clicks


Step 1-

Adhere some Thickers onto your canvas and then give a generous coat of  Prima White heavy gesso all over it. 
These are self adhesive thickers but I advise you to use the Prima soft gloss gel to adhere them to the canvas at we will be using liquid media.

Step 2-

Spray the Lindys stamp gang Rusty lantern lime starburst spray  and Luscious lime flat fabio  in the desired quantity. I gave it just 2 coats at this stage.

Step 3-

Spray the Lindys stamp gang Cocoa Bean Copper starburst spray only near the Thickers.
 Switch better shades of browns for more depth.
After this dry the canvas perfectly. 

Step 4-

Keep on adding the greens. Its even better if you have a few shades of greens . 
You can use the Little Lindys Greens for this. This will add depth to you creation.

Step 5-

Start embellishing. Using papers, flowers, buds and  pollens. 
Adhere the embellishments using the Prima soft gloss gel

Step 6-

Add some more interest to this arrangement with cheese cloth,laces etc to give that rustic nature feel. Do not be very precise and clean in the arrangement as it will take away from the nature kind of look we are aiming. 

Step 7-

Add some Prima art ingredient Mica flakes- Henna and Diamond dust
Finish off with white gesso and black gesso splatters.

Hope you like it!


  1. Love how the lettering creates the spine of the layout. Great natural colour palette.
    Alison x

  2. Beautiful the random letters in the background


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