Saturday 28 June 2014

Evenings..Twenty years back...

Hello friends!
I am here again today to show you a project I just completed. This is a layout I made considering a few challenges. Some of my very favourite ones!

  The gorgeous paper is from Blue fern studio- Ombre dreams Papers. You will fall in love with this collection the moment you see it. I wish I could mimic the look on my walls!
  some close ups:

All the gorgeous misting you see is the magic created by Lindy's sprays. Just love these little bottles!
I used these:

How to:
This fence you see here has been handmade by me. I first printed a pic of fence on a white cardstock. cut it with my Fiskars knife. Then I applied some Versamark ink straight from the refill. I applied the heat embossing powder in cream and heat embossed . I repeated the embossing again and again till I was satisfied. This process gave it a lot of thickness exactly what I wanted. Once cooled, I applied some alcohol ink on it in ginger and latter colour and finally layers of gesso on top. this process was really tiresome but it comes in handy if you don't have what you need right at the moment. it did cause a little warping in my cut out so I adhered the fence with some cardboard on the back. since it did not show it wasn't important to be precise with the cutting ;)

Something about how and why this theme came to my mind..
When I sit back today and remember how life was twenty years back it makes me smile and feel a little sad at some times too. I don't know how many of you associate with me but I am sure some of you will. When I was a kid ..7 years old.. life was really different. We used to visit our grandparents in the country side. I used to be so excited then. I have always lived in the city but have been a country girl from heart ever since I remember. I am 27 today and not long back, the place where I live today wasn't so busy!
There was a sense of calm and peace all around. I used to ride my bicycle back home from school. That was real fun. life was so carefree!
My evenings were spent my balcony. The sight from there was a bliss. All I could see were trees.. greenery and so many birds returning back home !So many it was impossible to count and their chirps that were deafening! Sometimes I felt like throwing a stone to make a few fly away to lessen the noise, but never attempt that. I sat there with my milk chocolate in my hand and saw them till it was late in the evening and mom would call me back inside to study.
Today 20 years back when I sit back in the evenings in the same balcony I see a sad scene. The trees are the same. But no more the chitter chatter. no more the chirps.. There are a few birds I see but they cut a sorry face. I sit there for some time and come back in.
In the name of urbanisation man forgot that he did not start alone. I am not against this thing but we should be a little considerate of all who  possess this earth just as much as we do. To all of those creatures this is their home as its ours.

Every day the environment around us is changing. You must have come across
 Rachel Carson's -Silent Spring. The book tells about the changing earth and the gradual disappearance of sparrows. and how they are related. From the polar easterlies to the dry Sahara expanding each year...The earth is changing ..and very fast. Its high time we respect nature and guard it. Only then can we protect the generations to come.
I only hope that humans do not share the same fate as them.

I would like to submit this to the following challenges:
I was inspired by the mood of the mood board by Di Garling. This mood board took me years back with all the greenery an flowers! I also took the inspiration from the flowers hanging from the fence.
Followed the sketch and the journaling theme.. the best things in life aren't things. Hope you will associate. For me the best moments , the most treasures ones are the best things in my life :)
Lessology - Animals Kingdom - I used the pic of birds. I up-cycled the dry twig on the fence which is a real one. The chain on the fence and as the butterfly trail is from and old ladies wallet

Inspired by natural beauty. I used Illumination collection stickers in the layout.
 I played along with the colour challenge and used these sprays
Hope you will like it. let me know through your comments
Take care!

Wednesday 25 June 2014

'Hello' card

Hello everyone!
Today I am with a simple water-coloured card. This one I created for the Lulupu logo colour challenge. It was challenging for me to think on 'cute and adorable' lines.. as I seriously don't know how to make such cards!
Here are the pictures:

I am really fascinated by water-colouring these days and decided to try my hands on it here. The background panel for the sky and the grass are the wedding invite cardstock. these were really thick and perfect for water-colouring. I have ordered my Brusto water-colour papers but I don't know whose mail they have dropped it into. its taking like ages to reach me. so I decided to use these instead . Although I did face the problem of paper wearing down but once I heat dried it. it was fine. I took a paper napkin to clear out some colour and give the cloud effect.
the lawn/grass is coloured the same way with a little bit of pink highlights to give the feel of flowers.
I also did some paper piecing with the stamped image and adhered everything with double sided adhesive tabs. Finished the card off with faux stitching with black gel pen.
Linking the card to the following challenges:
LESSology- Animal kingdom-the cardstock used is from wedding invites.
I tried my best here. as this is my first please let me know how you like it. will definitely try to improve next time!

Sunday 1 June 2014

Altered Canvas- Two versions

Hello Friends!
Hope you all are doing fine. Its Sketch Challenge this fortnight at Lulupu. So I decided to make canvas following the same sketch. Here I have the pictures of the two versions I made.

For this canvas I decided to go with colour gradient concept. Most of the embellishments you see here are recycled. I made use of some beads, silicon balls(from handbag), a metal chain from old wallet and handmade flowers.
The colour gradient was achieved using paints and Lindys sprays and a mix of Lindys spray pigment and gesso.

This is the other version of the same canvas which I attempted. This is my first try ever at a canvas so I thought of messing things up! Lol!
For this one it was a tough job since the new colours could not come out well on the dark colours of the previous version. For this look I tried gesso, paints and Lindys sprays and magicals.
Submitting to-
Hope you like it.
Please leave your comments.