Saturday 15 August 2015

Easy Mixed Media Canvas Tutorial with Ken Oliver Crafts Color Bursts

Hello Friends!

I have had a few queries as to how I do my canvases.. So I thought I will put up for you all a very basic, very easy to follow canvas tutorial using the Ken Oliver Crafts color bursts. 
When I began with making canvases I started with something like this so... to all those people who want to start with mixed media .. Here you go. Give this a try and you wont regret :)

This is what I made


 Step 1- 
Take a stretched canvas/ canvas board or a hardcover which you would like to alter.
 Apply some Prima heavy white gesso on it.

Step 2-
 Use any stencil of choice and spray through it. I mixed some Ken Oliver Crafts color bursts- Utramarine blue with water in a misting bottle and sprayed through the Heidi swapp stencil- Lattice

Step 3-
 I stamped the centre of the canvas using the Prima texture stamp and Versamark watermark ink

Step 4- 
Heat embossed it using the most favourite tool -Rangers heat it tool

Step 5- 
Use another stencil and give some texture using Prima modelling paste. I have used the Prima Bubble stencil here.

Step 6- 
Now using some more of the Prima heavy white gesso merge all these textures a little. I love using the Prima gesso for their consistency. Creamy and easy to apply .

Step 7- 
This is optional. You may add more texture using the Art ingredient glass beads. I used the Crystal ones here. Apply it directly on the wet gesso and texture paste and let it dry before the next step. You may speed up the process with a  Rangers heat it tool

Step 8-

Now comes the fun part. The Ken Oliver Crafts Color Bursts. These inks are meant for porous surfaces and since I applied gesso to my background here and there these inks will spread differently in these areas. I used the Ken Oliver Color burst- Ultramarine blue and Pthalo Green here.

Step 9-
Once my background is dry i assemble my embellishments and the beautiful chipboard. 

Step 10-
I adhere some Prima Art ingredient- Mica flakes granite to a few areas.

Step 11-

Splatter with Prima heavy white gesso and Prima heavy black gesso and the canvas is done!

Final look!

How did you find the tutorial? Isn't this really quick and easy .
 Try it out yourself and me know. 

In the next post I will be sharing more about Ken Oliver Crafts color bursts ..various techniques you can try with them.

Supplies used-

Ken Oliver Crafts color bursts- Utramarine blue
Ken Oliver Crafts color bursts- Pthalo Green
Prima heavy white gesso
Prima heavy black gesso
Heidi swapp stencil- Lattice
Rangers heat it tool
Versamark watermark ink
Prima texture stamp
Prima Art ingredient- Mica flakes granite
Prima art ingredient- Glass beads
Prima bubble stencil
2Crafty Chipboard- beautiful
Prima modelling paste
Rangers embossing powder- Seafoam white
Embellishments- Flowers
Canvas board 

Have a great day!

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