Friday 14 September 2012

This used to be...a book

This used to be, a book
Hi friends!!
Here I am with my latest project especially made for lulupu challenge...This used to be!! A BOOK! 


Well some of you may frown as to why did I do this to a book!!
Well actually this is my 15 year old book and I found it out a few days back in the in the huge pile of papers..all dusty ..I quickly picked it up and dusted it...but when I opened up the book...what I saw were holes!!! Yes..moths had eaten up the pages...some of them to the extent that I had to get rid of them!! when the  bookwas somewhat in manageable condition...
I decided to make a book birdhouse...There are a number if tutorials on the internet you can find out for yourself...
But to make life little easier..I decided to put up one here myself in case you would want to know!!
how to make:

step1: fold the first page of the book in half vertically ...
step2: Now fold the corner of this page into a triangle...
Step 3: turn over to the next page... And fold this page into a triangle from the bottom right corner

Step 4: fold the top part of the page into a triangle overlapping the bottom triangle  a little bit

Step 5: now repeat the step1 and 2 for the next page

Step 6: repeat the step 3 and 4 for the next page

Step 7:Keep on alternating between step 5 and step 6

Step 8: glue the pages



  • A 200 page book is enough to give you a flat birdhouse
  • If you wish you can use 2 flat birdhouses and attach them back to back to give a circular birdhouse...The above tutorial gives a bird house like mine with slanting slopes..

Hope this tutorial helps!!

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PS: There are a few things I have put up in my blog as embellishments or album and scrapbook inserts .If you want a tutorial for any please let me know here.. It will be a pleasure to help.. 

Thank you...


  1. This is some serious amount of hardwood Jaya! What a beautiful transformation and the end result is nothing close to a book! Fantastic take on Lulupu monthly challenge!

  2. this is awesome jaya. little birds are so pretty

  3. Wow!! Superb transformation. Loved it.


  4. Seriously lot of work i guess:)it turned out awesome!!

  5. Wow!! what a transformation the bird house looks so adorable... Definitely looks like a lot of work and patience invovled ...thanks for the tute!!

  6. What a fantastic fantastic creation absolutely love it!

  7. Awesome creation....showing ur hard work & creativity....!!

  8. wow what a lovely birdhouse, love the transformation, such a fun idea, i am dying to get my hands on some old book now!!

  9. Amazing! I love how you recycled an old book into this shabby chic beauty!

    Thanks so much for leaving love at my post at Yvonne Yam's blog. I hope you get a chance to play along in my challenge there!

  10. Lovely creations...FIrst time here...Nice to follow ur blog...

  11. That is really AWESOME... Its difficult to make out that it once used to be a book ......

  12. Hi Jaya - this is simply amazing - I would never have thought of anything like this. Brilliant piece of work!

    Hugs to you Sue P xxx

  13. I love this and a wonderful tutorial to go with it. I know of a couple of books that could be put to use this way. Thanks.

  14. Oooh...what a fun idea! Lovelovelove how cute this is! Definitely a good way to "save" the book!

  15. This is really awesome! Thanks for the tute!

  16. Oh my goodness! This is so stinkin CUTE!!!! Love that idea! How very clever!!!!
    Hugs, Dena

  17. this is superb..its looks awesome

  18. OMG !! that wonderful jaya !! :) so cool ! love it
    will sure give it a try :)
    i think u already are a winner :D with this entry :) for me at least
    good going !

  19. That is what I would call "Transformation." I simply loved it!!! And the embellishments you've added.. the little birdies, the nest, the eggs.. such details, make it even more beautiful.. I am glad you participated!!! Thanks for playing along at Lulupu.. :)

  20. amazing,piece of work, love it. thanks for shareing with us at heck of a

  21. oh my word - wow. what an amazing project!! thanks for joining us with our 1st challenge at 'a heck of a challenge xx'

  22. Your bird house is awesome jaya! Superb idea... And congrats on your win at lulupu :)

  23. awesome...congrats on winning the challenge


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