Monday, 7 July 2014

Getting to know me Blog Hop

Hi Crafty bloggers!
Recently I was asked by my bloggy friend Denise from South Africa (whose awesome work you can find here) if I wanted to join in a blog hop with a difference which was 'Getting to know me!'
You can find Denise's post here. Do visit here blog for some awesome inspiration. And don't forget to leave her some love there through your comments. Denise is an outstanding artist and a wonderful person. Her creations speak for herself and I can make out just by the pictures if it's her work!
She designs for Bo Bunny, Berry71bleu and is the designer and co-author for
Scrap Africa challenge blog. Isn't that cool!
I love her work especially her layouts. They are fabulous! It is an honour to be tagged by such a wonderful artist. Thank Denise :)
My tags are at the bottom of this page. I wanted to tag few more but it said only three.
 I am so lucky that the three ladies I approached first agreed to be a part of this fun!
Their posts will go live on 14th July so make sure you visit them and leave them lovely comments.
Getting to know me
1.What am I working on right now?
Hmmm.. Number of things along side. I am a moody crafter. Someday... sometime an idea crops into my head and I start it right then and there. If it finishes the same day its good, if the next day its fine but if in the process some other idea catches my fantasy never know I might just switch!
So I  have a couple of unfinished projects which I have totally lost interest in. Something I am currently working on is this.. just a sneak peak will see this later and I hope you will like it.. Don't forget to tell me then.

2.Why do I write/create what I do? 
I do it because I like it. For creating layouts I need inspiration  and it comes from my life and the moments I really want to cherish and remember for life. I do this for myself. It makes the creative person in me satisfied.

3.How does your writing or creative process work?
As I said before I need inspiration. It can come from anywhere my garden or my vacations or just a beautiful day with family. My creative process rarely begins with a photo. Don't know why. I need to feel what I want to scrap about. I might have to leave the idea if I don't have a memorabilia of the moment but that is the way I am. Weird ??

4.How do I become inspired or stay inspired? 
 I think I already answered that partly. How do I stay inspired ?  I have been in love with nature since the time I can recall events in my life. So because I am a die heart romantic person and I day dream quite often ;) All this keeps me much inspired. :)

5.How does my work differ from the others of its genre? 
I seriously don't know that! I can't even say that it does. Left on you all to decide.

6. How long does it take to create a project?
If I have all the supplies at hand (which is very rare) I usually take 20- 45 minutes for a card. I mean for the kinds I make. For layouts I take a lot of time. I am new to them. Till today I have 5 layouts to my name and on an average I take 5-6 hours to finish it off. That's too much of time.. I know! I hope I will improve on the timing soon. This one below was the first I ever tried.

7.What are my favourite things I love to create with at the moment?
Its sprays ,stencils and textures! I love to use Lindy's stamp gang products and just can't avoid them in any project I do. I'm Addicted.
8.What is my signature style? 
I like to try everything. Most of all I like shabby chic, vintage, dramatic works. I am still in the learning phase so have a lot to discover about myself!

Hope I didn't bore you all! :P
 Here are my crafty friends whom I am too pleased and honoured tag . They will make their post on 14th July so do make sure you visit them.
She is a wonderful artist and very famous! I mean it. A doctor by profession and an artist by heart.  She has loads of tutorials on so many DIY things. Hers was the first blog I checked when I started to craft. Since then I have followed her work and loved each. Her work is strikingly different and she loves to make her own embellishments. Do check her blog here and leave some love.
 She is an outstanding creative lady. Her work needs no watermark(though she has it). You can make it out. I think that is the greatest achievement for an artist be distinguished among the likes. She loves to make cards and WOW! What cards! Do check her blog here and leave her lovely comments.
Pooja has amazing creativity. She can turns things inside out. She can change things you would have never looked at, into masterpieces of art. Her blog is famous as Reusing with Cards and Quilling where you can get your creative juices flowing! Awesome artist and a lovely person! Check her blog here and make sure you comment.
Thanks a ton for visiting my blog today..
Would love to hear your answers too:)


  1. Well, it was lovely to get to know you a little better. You've certainly grown leaps and bounds in terms of technique from that very first layout. Enjoy the creative journey!

  2. Its so nice to get to know a little more about your crafty side Jaya :) I think most people with agree with me when I say that your layouts are really outstanding definitely manage to create magic with them ..I really understand how it takes you hours to complete one ,I do the same with my cards and they have so little area to cover as opposed to an layout :)

  3. What a lovely posy Jaya and such lovely layouts, that you for sharing and giving us a little insight.

    B x

  4. Jaya so good to know more about you and in my book making a layout in 5-6 hrs and a card in 45 mins is fast....I often sit on a project for weeks!! And you flatter me so much!! And you've tagged Pooja...I am a big fan of hers and wanted to tag her..Ha Ha we think alike

  5. It's nice to know a little bit more. I am dropping by after a very long time, and boy have your layouts hit bull's eye. They are stunning, Jaya.

  6. Gorgeous layouts and wonderful to share with your knowing you Jaya.xx
    I have joined as a new follower of your blog. Also if you wish to join mine and my blog candy which is sponsored by three artists, feel welcome to do so...
    ♥aNNie The Journey is the Start

  7. Hey Jaya Its not boring ya..Very Interesting to know more about your creative process,Only 45 mins for cards WOW.. ! I love cards more but you LO are fabulous..and specially the recent one with nature theme AWESOME !! you have tagged both of my choices :) !! Its Nice to know you like my work ,Thanks a lot for the appreciation !

  8. Thanks so much Jaya for agreeing to be part of the Blog Hopping and your post is really cool! It is always so interesting to read how we all differ in our creating process and the different inspirations we have! Your work is amazing and since you have started, you have just grown in leaps and bounds and the artist in you is certainly coming out! ;-) Thanks so much for your really kind words about me, I really do appreciate it! xx

  9. I really enjoyed reading more about you and your process. You are super talented and I'm a big fan of your work. Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. this is so interesting loved reading everything you like and love your work. hugs

  11. Hi Jaya ! Coming over from Pooja's blog to tell you how amazing your work is. I have seen you around in few of the Indian blog challenges, but never got a chance to tell you that I admire your creativity, and I especially love your layouts! All the best for future.

  12. Lovely to read more about you Jaya. And definitely enjoyed looking through your gorgeous layouts once again. :)

  13. Love the post what a fun hop!! Love getting to know you. Have a blessed day
    DIANA L.

  14. Loved reading about you Jaya..............& lady you have done just 5-6 LO till date! Unbelievable! They are so perfect!

  15. So nice to get to know you a bit better, Jaya! I loved seeing your creations again here. You have such a talent, you really do. And I know what you mean about creating, how it satisfies the creative person inside. I feel the same way. Hugs!


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