Saturday, 28 June 2014

Evenings..Twenty years back...

Hello friends!
I am here again today to show you a project I just completed. This is a layout I made considering a few challenges. Some of my very favourite ones!

  The gorgeous paper is from Blue fern studio- Ombre dreams Papers. You will fall in love with this collection the moment you see it. I wish I could mimic the look on my walls!
  some close ups:

All the gorgeous misting you see is the magic created by Lindy's sprays. Just love these little bottles!
I used these:

How to:
This fence you see here has been handmade by me. I first printed a pic of fence on a white cardstock. cut it with my Fiskars knife. Then I applied some Versamark ink straight from the refill. I applied the heat embossing powder in cream and heat embossed . I repeated the embossing again and again till I was satisfied. This process gave it a lot of thickness exactly what I wanted. Once cooled, I applied some alcohol ink on it in ginger and latter colour and finally layers of gesso on top. this process was really tiresome but it comes in handy if you don't have what you need right at the moment. it did cause a little warping in my cut out so I adhered the fence with some cardboard on the back. since it did not show it wasn't important to be precise with the cutting ;)

Something about how and why this theme came to my mind..
When I sit back today and remember how life was twenty years back it makes me smile and feel a little sad at some times too. I don't know how many of you associate with me but I am sure some of you will. When I was a kid ..7 years old.. life was really different. We used to visit our grandparents in the country side. I used to be so excited then. I have always lived in the city but have been a country girl from heart ever since I remember. I am 27 today and not long back, the place where I live today wasn't so busy!
There was a sense of calm and peace all around. I used to ride my bicycle back home from school. That was real fun. life was so carefree!
My evenings were spent my balcony. The sight from there was a bliss. All I could see were trees.. greenery and so many birds returning back home !So many it was impossible to count and their chirps that were deafening! Sometimes I felt like throwing a stone to make a few fly away to lessen the noise, but never attempt that. I sat there with my milk chocolate in my hand and saw them till it was late in the evening and mom would call me back inside to study.
Today 20 years back when I sit back in the evenings in the same balcony I see a sad scene. The trees are the same. But no more the chitter chatter. no more the chirps.. There are a few birds I see but they cut a sorry face. I sit there for some time and come back in.
In the name of urbanisation man forgot that he did not start alone. I am not against this thing but we should be a little considerate of all who  possess this earth just as much as we do. To all of those creatures this is their home as its ours.

Every day the environment around us is changing. You must have come across
 Rachel Carson's -Silent Spring. The book tells about the changing earth and the gradual disappearance of sparrows. and how they are related. From the polar easterlies to the dry Sahara expanding each year...The earth is changing ..and very fast. Its high time we respect nature and guard it. Only then can we protect the generations to come.
I only hope that humans do not share the same fate as them.

I would like to submit this to the following challenges:
I was inspired by the mood of the mood board by Di Garling. This mood board took me years back with all the greenery an flowers! I also took the inspiration from the flowers hanging from the fence.
Followed the sketch and the journaling theme.. the best things in life aren't things. Hope you will associate. For me the best moments , the most treasures ones are the best things in my life :)
Lessology - Animals Kingdom - I used the pic of birds. I up-cycled the dry twig on the fence which is a real one. The chain on the fence and as the butterfly trail is from and old ladies wallet

Inspired by natural beauty. I used Illumination collection stickers in the layout.
 I played along with the colour challenge and used these sprays
Hope you will like it. let me know through your comments
Take care!


  1. I can identify with your thought s Jaya, sometimes looking back does gives pangs of pain but it's those past time that make us what we are today and are all part of our heritage.

    I love the mutes colours on your l/o.

    Hope your weekend is a good one and thanks for joining in at Allsorts.

    B x

  2. Excellent post and excellent work, Jaya.. :)

  3. Hey Jaya !! what an AWESOME LO...I am speechless !! Happy ,fresh spring colors..n birds..I totally agree One would to have such beautiful walls !! I loved everything on it..right from the papers to twig :) I thought the fence to be embossed chipboard fab job creating it from scratch!

    You know what As I am writing this numerous birds..majorly gangs of parrots are chirping like anything as they sit on Big Neem trees .My place is neither a city nor a village, in between and I am lucky that I have 4 big trees around my house and every alternate house in my society too has either aamla,neem,mango or Jamun trees so every morning starts with sound of birds ,in afternoon you can hear kuhoo kuhoo..and in evening..too ! I can relate with you..when I visited Mumbai..I felt suffocated no tress, no clear blue space ..we have all this but no opportunities !!

  4. What an amazing layout you have shared Jaya...this is definitely your forte and yes the world is changing in so many sad ways

  5. Such a lovely Layout Jaya...the colours go along so well.....the countryside is truly one of the best places to live in..I'm really falling in LOVE with your layouts..they become prettier day by day!!

  6. Totally totally in love With ur layout and d gorgeous colours. I share ur sentiments abt how much our places have changed. At one time v had sparrows chirping next to us in d courtyard while v played , now all gone!

  7. WOW! so many challenges. A lovely layout and lovely journalling. Thanks for playing along with us at OUAS this month. Unfortunately we can't combine sketch challenges. I am sure that you understand, it is a very beautiful layout though.

    1. Hi Val! Thank you for letting me know! I have made the correction and hope I am eligible to enter The OUAS challenge now.

  8. Such a Pretty Layout Jaya....and a beautifully written post !
    I can exactly feel & understand what you I too miss watching the birds & their lil ones in their nests. Their chirps & flaps of wings did add something special to my days...which I miss...
    Thanks for sharing !

  9. Wow I am in awe of your layout and your journaling to us the reader. I agree wholeheartedly that we need to be much more considerate to our environment. Your layout touched my soul I could almost feel your sadness but your layout is stunning. Fantastic job with the mists!!!! Thank-you for sharing not only your layout but your feelings as well! I live in northern Ontario Canada and when I sit outside I see the beautiful forest and wildlife that live there. I have taught my family to respect this and urge them to continue to pass on that respect to their children. I believe one stone in the pond has a ripple effect! We must all try! All the best from SATW! Thanks for playing along with us! :)

  10. Hi Jaya... TI am so glad that you went with us. I absolutely love this layout and your descriptions of a simpler time at you grandmothers took me right back to my own childhood... You rocked this one .. Thank you x

  11. Hi Jaya ,
    Looks like the blogger has eaten up my previous comment so I am giving this a go again :) ..I love your LO its so gorgeous ..Especially the colors and the delicate look of all your elements...Your LO really does take one back to nature and to the quite evenings ..Your post is so eloquently written and I so agree with your sentiment.

  12. What a beautiful and well designed page Jaya! I love what you did here and your heartfelt jornaling really spoke to me! :-) TFS!

  13. Good on you, Jaya....your LOs are STUNNING...& I so agree with you, re the way our world is changing & sometimes not only for the better.....LOOOOVE the way you've created your fence & the bg with the sprays is beautiful! Thanks for joining with us in both the LESSology & our OUAS challenges:):) I get to write one comment for both, LOL:)::)

  14. Stunningly brilliant page Jaya, love it my friend and you are just so creative...I have never heard of the sparys you used but the result speaks for itself....peaceful and unique.xx aNNie♥
    The Journey is the Start

  15. Stunning, stunning page! I love the subtle colors, the mood and the delicate, beautiful embellishments! Thank you for playing with us at Scrap Around The World this month!

  16. I also want to thank you for joining the 7 Dots Studio challenge!

  17. This is stunning Jaya. Loved reading ur sentiments attAched to creating this LO.

  18. This is gorgeous Jaya. I love the sweet colours and the birdies. LOVE that handmade fence too...clever. :)

    P/s: Modernization makes me feel displaced too. I live in a country so small that it's just a dot on the world map so a lot of old buildings are gone. Places I associate with my childhood have been replaced by large commercial buildings.:(

  19. A beautiful tranquil creation and I can see how the layout was inspired by the precious bird, after reading your thoughts on the impact urbanisation has on our surroundings. And totally agree that us as mankind should me more attentive to nature. Loved visiting your blog and have hopped over from the lovely Denise's blog.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  20. This is super stunning. I adore it! Thanks for playing at SATW!!

  21. Again such a beautiful creation dear Jaya - and your words are so right, I totally agree with you.
    I´m looking forward to your next artwork :)
    xx Evelyn

  22. What a fantastic page, love your color combo, thank you so much for joining SATW this month

  23. Such a stunning page Jaya and so many beautiful elements, as always! Love that photo! The colouring of your page is fabulous too! Really love this one! A sad sentiment with regards the sparrows and a very sentimental journey down memory lane. As a kid my grandparents lived on a farm and we also spent lots of time with them, running carefree and wild. It is also a little sad for me, but at the same time I am so pleased that I had that opportunity and will never forget those moments and special times! Thanks so much for being a part of my blog hop and also for the lovely comments! I truly appreciate it! x

  24. This is so beautiful Jaya - as usual it took me ages to look at everything on here, the detail is amazing and I read your sad story about the birds but, I am pleased to say that I have a garden full of sparrows (they a chirping away right now). We feed them all year round so they always pop into the Cafe de Pass (that's us) for breakfast, dinner and tea! It's lovely to see the parent sparrows with their young ones on the bird tables that we have. They really are a noisy bunch though!

    Big hugs to you and I really do love your page.

    Sue Pxxx

  25. Lovely page :) Thank you for playing with SATW! :)

  26. This is just gorgeous!! How crazy it is that you have seen the earth change. But you are right-we need to take care of it. :) Beautiful colors on your page. I love it! :)

  27. Wow....your LO is simply fabulous!!! LOVE IT!!!
    Congrats. ; )

  28. Your page is so seet and beautiful! Thanks so much for joining us at SATW!

  29. This is a rock star page lovely just lovely and the post that went along with it was extra cool! hugs! and thanks for playing along with us at LESSology!

  30. OMG! It is absolutely stunning!

  31. so gorgeous ! this is truly a beautiful work !
    Thank you for playing with 7 Dots Studio with our challenge !

  32. Beautiful!
    Thank You for joining us at 7 Dots Studio challenge this month!

  33. its a stunning LO Jaya!! I just love it!! you are on fire!! thanks for joining us at 7 Dots Studios!!

  34. Wow wow wow!!! This is absolutely stunning Love your work. I am definitely your newest follower


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